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Go places with IMI

Get Personal With Your Clients!

Increase sales, gain market share and travel
with your best clients to exotic destinations.

Incentive Management Inc. will provide a complete
management system for your incentive program.

Current Programs
Our Goals (We make it easy for you!)
Preplanning & Promotional Services
Incentive Program Features & Inclusions
References (A Must See! Our programs really work!)
Destination Information (Sample Westin Maui)
General Cost Considerations
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For more information call (800) 581-2292
Or you can send mail to:


Do a little snorkeling. Send flowers to their stateroom. Take a jog around the deck. Ride a gondola to a tropical restaurant. Swim with the dolphins.

Take a nap on the beach. Find chocolates on the pillow. Do a dip in the pool. Play roulette. Crack open a lobster. Laugh. Throw a private party on the Ocean Verandah.

Watch the sun go down behind the palm trees. Celebrate with a sunset luau. Sail a hid den beach. Make a champagne toast. Shop for pearls. Take some goofy photos. Play golf all day. Go whale watching. Get personal with your best clients!

Incentive Management Inc.
3555 E. Douglas
Wichita, KS 67218
Phone (800) 581-2292 or (316) 685-4343
Fax (316) 685-0689

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