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First of all, our goal is to make
this real easy for you.

Incentive Management Inc. will create an incentive program for your company that will help foster lifelong memories while building positive relationships with your clients and with your sales staff. We're the incentive experts, with the tools to help you plan a winning incentive promotional campaign and travel package from beginning to end perfectly tailored to fit your company's goals.

A cruise is enticing not only to your clients, but also to your sales staff. We'll sit down and figure out what your sales objectives are. Where can we seek the most dramatic growth? Who's not using your company or products that should be? What's the potential for future dollars? Then we'll develop a strategy and work with your staff so they know just how to present the program and get them excited about the possibilities.

We work with your clients, too, but they don't really know it. They think you're doing all the work. Because all the brochures, correspondence and promotional gifts have your logo all over them. IMI will take care of all the scheduling, reservations, and special arrangements. You can concentrate on packing your most comfortable clothes. We'll even tag along on the trip to make sure everything's taken care of along the way, but we'll let you take all the credit.

Incentive travel programs are what we do. We know travel, and we know how to motivate. And we just love it when everything comes together... the numbers are there, everybody has a great time, and we start planning for next year. Travel incentives are truly the perfect perk. Providing your client with an extraordinary travel experience is the ultimate executive motivation.

A successful incentive program will stimulate tremendous sales increases, and it pays for itself. The extraordinary travel experience isn't accidental. It takes experience and planning. And when a journey is carefully designed, with posh settings and pampering at every turn, it is truly a memorable event.

A well-planned travel incentive program is a good business decision. Increased profitability is the ultimate goal, and we have a proven track record to show one success after another.

Why don't you give us a call and get the ball rolling?

"IMI has assisted us in producing the most successful revenue
enhancement program we have ever used to attract
new and incremental business."

Phil Cox, Vice President/General Manager
WJSU-TV, Anniston - Gadsden, Alabama

Incentive Management Inc. will provide a complete
management system for your incentive program.

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