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Incentive Management Inc. is a full service incentive house unlike your local travel agency, offering assistance at your company to promote your incentive program. We are dedicated to providing our marketing services and work alongside your sales staff and executive management. We handle all promotion, marketing and management of the program for you.

Our promotion and marketing campaign will generate interest for new clients while realizing added interest and revenue from current clients. Our monthly mailings are creative and professionally designed to keep within the theme of the destination and program. We keep a constant tracking and qualification system of all your clients to let you and your clients know where they stand during the program. Your clients are notified every month about their qualification status with mailings designed to boost motivation. All mailings have your company logo on them, are in your envelopes and are sent to their business address and/or their home address to keep the spouse interest high as an added benefit.

When you are partners with IMI you are in front of the program the entire way. You will know your clients qualification status, when to add or cancel space on the trip if necessary, when to submit names to us for the airlines and the hotel and when payments are due. You will know when the monthly mailings will be mailed out by IMI. Our exclusive "Count Down Calendar" and our management reports will keep you completely up to date in a clear and concise way. The day the mailings arrive on your desk it is on your clients desk. This will give your sales people a chance for that soft call to their client.

IMI runs a complete motivational all-inclusive travel incentive program designed upon your wants and needs with the primary objective, of course, to increase sales for your company. Your incentive program will gain you and your sales staff client "rapport," an invaluable tool in todays market conditions. This program is designed to help you reach your monetary goals. With over 10 years of incentive experience, we bring solutions to problems and answers to questions.

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"IMI makes handling an incentive easy, right from the start.
Your program flows smoothly from start to finish."

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