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The KSTP-TV New Asia Incentive Trip

January 21 31, 2003



This is your detailed guide of everything you need to know for your trip with us to Asia.  You will find pre-departure suggestions as well as details on how to best utilize your time.  On this trip, we have arranged optional tours and recommendations for most days.  You will find the costs and details for each optional tour in this guide.  Please understand that all days are at your leisure.  You can do one or all the optional tours or spend your time with a favorite book by the pool.  The fixed group functions are the evening arrival cocktail reception, the two breakfasts in Singapore, an invited cocktail reception in Chiang Mai and the final evening gala in Chiang Mai.

Your KSTP-TV journey will again provide first class accommodations with the Four Seasons properties in both Singapore and Chiang Mai.

Your flight arrangements will be in coach class domestically as well as internationally.

KSTP-TV has reserved a limited number of business class seats on our international flights for those travelers wishing to upgrade to business class travel.  The upgrade costs for this journey will be $4,492 per person.  Please contact Charlotte Hackett at IMI if you wish to make this upgrade.  The deadline for upgrades is November 6, 2001.

Our group will be traveling Northwest Airlines domestically from Minneapolis and Singapore Airlines internationally.  Please be sure to provide your Northwest frequent flier numbers for your domestic travel on the appropriate travel form.

If you are traveling from another city, IMI will make the appropriate arrangements for you on the most efficient airline from your city.  You will travel to Los Angeles and will meet the Minneapolis group where we will all travel together internationally.

Singapore Airlines is part of the Star Alliance associated with United and Delta Airlines domestically.  If you are not a frequent flier of United or Delta, we recommend signing up.  This trip alone will provide you with about 16,000 flight miles.


IMI is now supplying a full medical insurance package to each traveler free of charge to you.  In addition, we suggest that you also check with your health insurance provider regarding medical coverage while in Singapore and Thailand and the procedure to follow if you should need medical treatment.  If you feel you would like more coverage, Charlotte at IMI can help you with that.  Please make sure you address this with enough time before our departure date.


       We suggest one large suitcase (not to exceed 70 lbs) per person, but no more than two per person.  As you will read later in this booklet, you will probably purchase an additional suitcase to bring home souvenirs.  Please count on this as you plan ahead.  Be aware that excess luggage fees can start around $150 per extra bag.

      Also bring one carry flight bag each with airline tickets, passports, valuables, cameras, medicines, eyeglasses and anything you could not be without should your luggage be delayed.

      Your carry luggage should also contain an extra change of clothes.

      It is advisable to divide your clothing between two or more bags (his and hers), so that, you will each have some clothing if only one of your bags arrives on time.  This is true of all airline travel, but especially international travel.

      All luggage should be tagged with special yellow Happiness Plaza Travel bag tags that you will receive, including your hand carry bag.  It is also advisable to have this same information inside your luggage placed on top of your clothes in case the exterior tags get torn off during the trip.

      It is strongly suggested that you lock your checked luggage or secure it with tight straps.  Keep close tabs on your luggage at all times, especially carry-on luggage, to prevent anyone from stealing or tampering with your property. 



      Each traveler will need a valid passport with an expiration date no earlier than May 18, 2002.  Check your expiration dates and apply for a new one if you do not meet these criteria.

      You will need to send IMI one copy of each passport with the appropriate forms.  Each copy must include your name, passport number, and dates.  It must also be a clear readable copy.

      We also suggest that you make two copies of each for yourself.  Leave one copy at home with relatives or at your office.  Keep the other copy with you, separate from your passport, so in the event of a lost passport during your trip, you can use the copy to obtain another passport from the U.S. Embassy or Consulate.  It is a much easier process to receive a new passport in a foreign land if you have a copy and numbers of your current passport.


Contact by E-mail while in Asia

   America Online has local access numbers in both Singapore and Chiang Mai if you have an AOL account.

Internet accessible terminals are available to
you in the business centers of the resorts in both cities.


Make sure that you bring plenty of film and back-up batteries for your camera, as these items can be expensive overseas.  We highly suggest bringing a video camera as well, however, if you do not have a video camera, we will have you covered.

 KSTP-TV will be shooting this trip with both Digital Video as well as digital still photography.  Be sure to smile and wave at the cameras of KSTP-TV people during the trip.  After the trip, KSTP-TV will be producing about a 30-minute video summary from the trip.  It will be produced and edited at KSTP-TV studios.  Each traveler will receive a copy about two months after our return.

 We also encourage you to share any photos from the trip that you would like to be in the video.  The more choices we have the better.  This tape will be a lasting memory of your experience.

Day to Day Itinerary   Insurance details    Chiang Mai    Singapore   


Contact Information


Trey Fabacher, Sales Manager/Trip Coordinator


Ed Piette, VP/General Manager


From Incentive Management Inc.

John Caserta;

Marc White;


Also from IMI are two key individuals you may need to contact before our departure.

Cindy Allen;

            (hotels, accommodations, activities)

Charlotte Hackett;

            (flights, upgrades, insurance, deviations)

Please note that this website was updated in early April 2002.  This schedule and information is subject to change without notice.